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Artist Bios / Artist Statements

Charles Parson

Charles Parson's artwork has been seen locally, regionally  and nationally in over 80 One-person Exhibits. His large-scale public sculptures, installations and performance works have been seen in such places as New York, Chicago and Kansas City to name a few. His work has been extensively reviewed and featured in newspapers, magazines, books, radio and television. A new book on his drawings will be coming out in 2019 by Leaping Man Press.

Current small pedestal sculptures provide a multiplicity of viewing points, each bringing to bear the same imagery that permeates Parson's dimensional drawings... the  horizon and a singular place on it. Viewed from the top, the works provide a  site- line of cross hairs which allude  to the compass of north, south , east, giving a sense of our individual particular place. Viewed from the sides the  works provide an implied  horizon line, with a pedestal form emerging out of the  sub-ground plane to present a representation of  the individual's place, vertically,  tenuously positioned on this fragile plinth. The use of materials represent the emergence of today's architectural infra-structural world with the organic phrasings that are the focus of the contemporary West.

Represented at the Kirkland Museum of Fine Art - this man is amazing - painting and sculpture - crossing boundaries and mediums for decades. Know for his ability to draw out skills in others - he just retired from teaching as he looks forward to his future.

Gayla Lemke

Gayla Lemke has been an active studio artist for over 30 years.  She received a B.F.A. from the University of Hawaii and an M.A. from the University of South Florida with an emphasis on printmaking.  Gayla works primarily in ceramic sculpture, often incorporating text and/or objects. She also works in other media including intaglio.  Her imagery has a continuity that reflects her skill at draftsmanship and attention to detail. She teaches at the Art Student's League and can be found working and exhibiting nationally. 

A pleasure to work with - fooLPRoof is excited to have a line of her figurative pieces.

Louis Recchia

Louis too is an amazing man - His artist statement revolves around much of contemporary art today is informed by language.  With his work informed by images. There is art everywhere, he says. He gets inspiration from art history and comic books, old circus banners, the media, and everyday things he sees on the street.

His work is included in many important public and corporate collections including: The Denver Art Museum,  Vance Kirkland Museum, California College of Arts & Crafts, San Francisco, CA; Absolut Vodka, Carillon Importers, New York  as well as many others.

His works have been shown in numerous venues including the Vienna Museum of Modern Art in Vienna, Austria; The Brooklyn Museum, New York; International Art Expo, Navy Pier, Chicago; and the New Orleans Contemporary Art Center.

Zoa Ace

Another formidable force, Zoa has been a example of what a woman can accomplish in contemporary art taking her practice to heights all artists can strive for.  Her figurative, oil on canvas paintings deal primarily with human feelings within various settings evoked by a relationship with our natural world. Collage compositions involve juxtaposing found images in a pleasing and/or thought-provoking manner. They cover topics including social comment, pop culture, contemporary artists, as well as plants and animals.

Her work is in the permanent collection of the Denver Art Museum, Children’s Hospital (Denver), Kaiser Permanente, and the El Pomar Foundation (The Broadmoor, Colorado Springs), as well as numerous private collections across the United States and Europe.

fooLPRoof is excited to have Zoa creating an exclusive body of work for the gallery on the vein of women's work!

Phil Bender

A local legend in contemporary art in Denver. Also a formidable force that can boast a solo exhibition at the Denver Art Museum, work in their permanent collection, numerous hotel and commercial spaces are graced with his works. a pleasure to have his work on display and dealing exclusively in his "western genre" works.

Caroline Peters

In my drawings I connect with fragments of history that are on the brink of dissolution brought about by the social and economic forces of American society. The perspectives I’m interested in are not conventional, but exist in the memories of the individual. While there are revelatory historical resonances emanating from certain things in our environment, the dominant culture and ideology has rendered them largely unintelligible. By drawing these objects and places in the midst of sustained observation, I hope to reattach these historical traces.

Caroline is a formidable force heading up the visual programming at CSU Pueblo as Associate Professor of Contemporary Theory and Art History.

David Lobdell

The gallery has selected work from David's series using Binary code as a symbol of contemporary culture.  Based on Zen Buddhist sand painting his series encourages one to contemplate spirituality in contemporary life. David is Professor of Fine Art at New Mexico Highlands University.  He is an innovator and conduit for sculpture, the casting community and fire arts. He received his Undergraduate degree at University of Southwestern Louisiana and his Masters degree at Notre Dame

Tobias Flores

Info coming - soon

Laura Phelps Rogers

Laura is a contemporary sculptor maintaining her practice and consulting in RINO.  Born in Denver, her visual background began in Southern Colorado. She received her BFA from the University of Colorado Denver.  She is best known for works in cast and fabricated metal, light based work, process based - digital - large format photography and ephemeral materials.  Known also for placing individual works in an installation format. Her commercial practice focuses on public art, fabrication, consulting, site specific work addressing her client’s spaces, events and budgets.

Current project Art In The Everyday Community Quilt Project, Volcano Hawaii.  She exhibits nationally and internationally - Latvia, Ireland, New York, Chicago, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, Laguna Beach, San Francisco, Cheyenne, Fort Hays, Savannah, Las Vegas, Scottsdale, Anchorage, and Miami. Permanent collections / Public works include: Talsi Regional Museum Latvia, Anschutz Medical Campus, Colorado Business Bank, Confucius Institute and Lamar Station Crossing.  She has had 13 solo exhibitions and a recent survey of work at Colorado Women's College University of Denver. Recent Group Exhibitions: Verisimilitude Republic Plaza, Colorado State Capitol, Art of War Arvada Center, Solid Gone Wilkes Barre, Presence/Absence Lakewood Cultural Center, Grass Roots Woman Made Gallery.

Walter Barton

Walter chose to collaborate with Gallery Director to have install her vision of the pieces she had seen of Walter's originally exhibited statically on the wall. Born in Denver, Colorado in 1962, Barton studied art at Parson’s School of Design in Manhattan, New York.  He then took a year to study bronze casting in New Mexico with sculptor David McGary before earning his BFA at Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore, Maryland.  Barton earned a MH at the University of Colorado at Denver though the Masters of Humanities program with an emphasis in Studio Art and Religious Studies. Currently teaching Elementary Art in Douglas County engaging students in creative strategies.

Eric Anderson

Eric Anderson was born in Chicago, IL in 1985. He was raised in Oshkosh, WI where he completed his BFA in Painting and Printmaking. Showing artwork throughout the Midwest, the Greater Denver area, Mexico, and Dubai, Eric has also been involved in the public realm discussing refugee-related issues. His influences include Cy Twombly, Lynda Benglis, Anselm Kiefer, Joan Mitchell, Robert Rauschenberg, and Vietnamese peace activist and poet Thich Nhat Hanh. Eric’s current paintings, drawings, prints, and assemblages observe the transitioning of societies – specifically the social conditions that give rise to such phenomena.

Annette Coleman

A Colorado native,

Annette is a Multi Media Contemporary Artist working with dreams, meanings, images and layers occupying a dream state.  She finds fragments and symbology evocative. Exploring her inner life and the unknown she attempts to frame dreams and their narratives while translating patterns and archetypal images into meanings open for interpretation. Her career in advertising led her to the transition of her visual practice. She has works in several public collections including Children’s Hospital in Aurora, Craig Hospital and Colorado Mesa University to name just a few.

 Jennifer Hope

Jennifer Hope was born and raised in Boulder, Colorado, earning her BFA from Metropolitan State 1992 and MFA from University of Denver 1994. She is best known for her wall size abstract paintings, “If I don’t need a ladder, it’s not tall enough.” Color defines the large space of her canvas and captures the line, form and motion within.

Robert Green

Not 100% sure this information conveys what a charming and colorful character this man is - Robert earned his BFA from Metropolitan State University and his MFA from Colorado State University -Recipient - Sharpe Wallentas Space Program, NYC 2 time Best of Show winner, John Slade Ely Gallery, New Haven CT

ARTIST STATEMENT - Truth is Stranger than Friction !

Julie Lizak

Julie Lizak has a Bachelor of Arts from Metropolitan State University. She loves investigating patterns and balance. Her retail background led her to photography and jewelry making -  her artistic practices embraces her attention to detail and an eye for movement, inspired by nature.

Robert Platz

Robert has immersed himself in the field of fine art for many years and found harmony in painting his passion.  His work is inspired by the speed, color and excitement of Formula 1 racing. Many of his works embrace the abstract qualities of the great motor racing venues from around the world. He ties his practice together by using actual model-car paint enamels creating depth and texture from his inner passions.

Isaac Sandoval

Info coming - soon

Kayo Peeler

Info coming - soon

Ron Landucci

Info coming - soon

Matt Evans

BFA University of Colorado Denver

Marston (Marty) Jaquis

Marston (Marty) Jaquis was born in Buffalo, N.Y.  He received his undergraduate degree in 1946 with a BS Art Education, N.Y. at State University College at Buffalo and AOS Advertising Design/ Illustration at Colorado Institute of Art in 1975.  His studies at the Art Students League in Denver continued the expansion of his visual practice.  Geometric Abstracts (optical illusions) are Marty’s my mainstay at fooLPRoof.  His works are intended to entice the viewer to look for more than just a few moments – the more time spent with the works, the more the viewer will see. His sculpture leads viewers into a play of two dimensional objects occupying three-dimensional space

Lawrence Hass

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Nichole Hongchang

Info coming - soon

Vy Pham

Multiple majors! Just graduated from the University of Colorado Denver.

Proudly giving this hard working emerging artist a little exposure! Thank you for the exterior image of fooLPRoof gallery that has been used EVERYWHERE!

Leslie Aguillard

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Sue Crosby Doyle

Sue graduated Metropolitan State University with a BFA in fine arts, Printmaking.  She also paints and takes Photographs.  Finding a light to follow with color, marks and shapes from very small to large in her painting now.