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Currently the gallery is scheduling - for the front MAIN GALLERY shared space and the rear Extension GALLERY. The application is rolling. When accepted artists have the opportunity to exhibit continuously with approved work in various positions in the two galleries as cycles turn over. Works must be curated in to ensure a high quality commercial space.

Each feature exhibition slot lasts 6 weeks

Art centric pop-ups last 1 -3 day/nights - RINO is know as an art district where art is made..art demos add to the excitement.

The gallery is a curated space with 6 week exhibition cycles featuring key works from visual practices in a solo feature format with name. The Gallery is best suited to large scale works. Our clientele are urban sophisticates and art centric visitors from NY, LA, SF, Nashville and Chicago.

Lonely Planet, Time, Vogue and Luxury Traveler have all touted RINO as one of the top 10 neighborhoods to visit in the US - SoHo and Tribeca are compared to RINO. We are a gentrifying warehouse district immediately north of Downtown Denver with an extensive array of breweries, wineries and small chef run restaurants. The gallery is next door to the Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery who run a very successful tasting room during gallery hours.


View Prospectus

View Prospectus


Please submit the required documents - Your application requires extensive review and thought as to how to curate work into the space, please pay the $35 application fee to be considered for the gallery. The Gallery is a curated space. We currently accept applications on a rolling basis to schedule exhibition slots. The gallery is a new and alternative business model that combines commercial gallery features with cooperative gallery features. Artists are considered to be exhibiting until they have established themselves as supportive to the gallery and fellow artists - a minimum of 2 cycles before a relationship review. Application requirements:

Please pay the application fee and send application supporting documents via email (coming soon call for entry.org). Submit: 1 paragraph to 1 page Artist Statement, 1 paragraph Bio, a professional artist (not employment) CV (emerging artists maybe required to bring information up to professional standards coaching will be provided with your application fee) - Also: up to 5 to 6 (max.) images of best work, an image list with mediums, titles, dimensions and prices . .

Professional artists and UCD Alumni and Rinomade artists are given preference - emerging artists are welcome to apply.

If accepted, works will be selected from the images submitted only. The Gallery director does not visit websites to select work or obtain documents. She curates 1 show at a time and has the following exhibition in the works as she is planning the prior.

Each accepted applicant will be be presented a full Propectus agreement.

The gallery does not have a traditional approach to representation. The gallery is intended to be a springboard for Representation. The gallery provides high end exposure to high profile tourists and all the local art aficionados within the gallery’s purvey. Creating a sense of community and support among exhibitors is a goal of the gallery. The gallery director has a team of experts in the field of working, designing and fabricating for commercial clients and the public sector. All artists will be coached in scaling and leveling their practice up - even old dogs may get suggestions to market their work to commercial clients or new approaches.

Artists expanding their bodies of work to meet commercial, architectural and commercial clients interest the gallery - all emerging artists will receive coaching in this area and expansion of practice or mediums will be discussed with established artists.

Professional PR substrates, with gallery logo, will be provided to each artist for them to both represent the gallery and capitalize on being exhibited in a top Denver gallery.


GENERAL DESCRIPTION - The gallery is in a high end tourist area with foot traffic during peak hours. Gallery goers are upscale urban sophisticates. The gallery identifies itself as a luxury retail destination.

Artists are encouraged to succeed and interact with clients in the alternative business model - additional exhibitions, co-op memberships and long term goals must be discussed with the gallery director to ensure the success of the alternative model.

Each exhibitor is provided a feature position and a single vinyl of their name. pricing display variations are available too.

The Main Gallery is best suited for large best works but, has positions for small and medium scale works. As artists establish themselves in the gallery they will have access to an ongoing presence, alternate exhibition locations and locked case exhibition spots

Sculpture applications welcomed.  

NOTE: Application or acceptance does not guarantee exhibition slot or representation.

Each accepted artist is vetted for their ability to support the gallery and other artists - inclusion in exhibitions is subject to approval of location, payment and approval of work for exhibit.

The gallery exhibition space is one aspect to being curated into to fooLPRoof, as we are a full service art consulting firm with a focus on large scale commercial projects and custom work for both residential and commercial design and private clients our second focus. Each artist’s commitment to their practice and the space, and willingness to become apart of the longer term conversations available to artists, plays a key role in developing a succesful relationship with the gallery and the hybrid business model.

From the “About Section” ARTIST INFORMATION:

fooLPRoof contemporary art is one of Denver's top contemporary art spaces. Situated in the trendy Upper Larimer area on the edge of RINO art district.  Most experience the district on foot or by ride sharing to visit unique businesses, take in the warehouse architecture.  The gallery is right in the heart of a trend setting demographic that cannot be matched by other Denver galleries.

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - Currently the gallery is selecting, and scheduling artists interested in gallery representation on 6 week cycles - applications are on a rolling basis - exhibition areas: main gallery and alternate locations. Pop-up demonstrations and events require an application or proposal in conjunction with exhibition proposal.  Please upon receipt fully read the Prospectus for application instructions. All proposals for exhibitors and pop-ups considered - with the exception - the gallery does not review traditional representational work - Each artist accepted receives a feature exhibition spot that lasts 6 weeks - art centric pop-ups last 1-3 nights.  The gallery curates work into cohesive exhibitions - offering high end exhibition opportunities - If accepted, artists are considered for representation on a trial basis. Being a part of the alternative gallery model requires a desire to be a part of a community of artists and a commitment to the space and artists ability to consider not only the best practices for the gallery, fellow artists but, scaling work up or for custom commercial or unique residential applications - through an exhibition opportunity the gallery vets artists for ongoing opportunities and project considerations.

A $35 application fee supports the time to review and vet high quality, professional and dedicated contemporary artists. Application includes a portfolio and CV review with feedback directed to provide commercial and practice feedback identifying work to fit the gallery and the potential for designing works for commercial spaces.   References and/or background checks may be required.

fooLPRoof contemporary art gallery identifies itself as a hybrid of a traditional commercial gallery and co-op space. The gallery model cuts the cost of dealing with a traditional commercial gallery - by offering high end exhibition slots and a commission structure at a fraction of costs of traditional commercial gallery commissions, co-op commitments, independent advertising and exhibition fees (at fooLPRoof when artist gather it is for a party - no sitting, ad costs or meetings required)

fooLPRoof contemporary art gallery has a new approach to a gallery business model. The Main Gallery space offers an amazing exhibition space. The business model ten x the exposure for artists from a co-op model (where there - funds procure a two week exhibition slot) - fooLPRoof has distilled it down to a high end presentation for each artist in a curated setting with up to 30 artists per exhibition cycle - one exhibition cycle creates a 6 week exposure for accepted artists. To accomplish this - the gallery asks exhibitors to assume a small portion of the risk that revolves around the question of whether their work will sell or not established to provide increased exposure and opportunities for emerging and established practices. 

The reduced commission structure creates an opportunity for - Artists of all kinds including artists represented by other galleries. Artists may apply individually or apply through their gallery for single cycle feature exhibition opportunities. Once accepted, gallery represented artists may desire to bring specific works from fairs such as Art Basel or to just expose themselves to the Denver market or RINO art district 

Artists make sure you have all the required information together to submit. The Gallery Director WILL NOT VISIT WEBSITES TO SELECT WORK - Click on any box in Prospectus or under Discover - exhibition opportunities to add your application fee to your cart (and watch for our Rolling Call coming on callforentry.org !)


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