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Samples of works In the Main Gallery:

Charles Parson – Still and Center Point #3, Assemblage Sculpture - $1350 and $1850

Louis Recchia – Art In America, Oil on Canvas - $2395 and I Did A Pony - $259

Zoa Ace – Alice, Mixed Media Collage - $169

Phil Bender – Fruits #1 and #2, Mixed Media Collage - $159 each or $295 for the pair

Ben Woodeson – Dark Nugget, Cast Iron and Glass - $6500

David Lobdell – Binary Mandala, Cast Aluminum and Welded Steel - $1985

Tobias Flores – San Bao, Cast Iron- $595 and others

Caroline Peters – Time, Charcoal Drawing - $10,195

Coral Lambert – Hay Barrels, Cast Iron, Bronze, Aluminum $1295 as public art beginning at $20k

Jennifer Hope – Untitled – Oil on Canvas- $989 each.

Gayla Lemke – Ceramic Installation, Tower #1 #2 #3 $1395 ea

Laura Phelps Rogers – Mixed Media Installation Wonderland 3,600 - or individual works available

Annette Coleman – on Wood Panel $195 each

Cynthia Handel – Hand Prints, Cast Iron and Bronze from installation series – price upon request

Robert Green – Untitled Sculpture $1995

Isaac Sandoval – My Dog – after he has eaten my stash, Cast Iron - $3700

Marston Jaquis – Geometric Abstract(s), Acrylic On Canvas $5995, Sculpture and Dimensional Painting…. each

Eric Anderson – Figure Study -Acrylic Triptych or individually.

Ron Landucci – Hearts In A Box, Digital Image on Fine Art Paper $795

Sara Landucci –

Vy Pham – Claire and Janell, plus others Digital Archival Prints in installation format or individually with standoffs

In the Community Gallery:

Jean Smith –

Leslie Aguillard – Homage To Romance, Oil on Canvas $1495

Jill Renee Grant - Please find Jill’s Digital Photographic Prints - in the image bin prices as marked

Additional works –

Robert Green – Sculpture – Welded and Manipulated Steel $2195

Eric Anderson and Laura Phelps Rogers -The Ground Below Us Sky Above Us $1595 sold

Laura Phelps Rogers

Cast Iron Purse $1495 (as installation $2195 with Caroline Peter’s Drawing)

Iron Maidens – Available as original castings or as digital archival prints with acrylic face mounts - 24” x 24” $895 each in a limited-edition series of 20

The Colors We Love – LED Plexiglas and Aluminum set $2450

(Physiognomies) Digital Photograph with Acrylic Mount $1195

Wash Rinse Repeat – Digital Photographs LED Plexiglas and Aluminum $4950

Blue Spruce Table – Maquette for public work in Bronze $1995 – Public Work starting at $21K


Dreaming in the Desert - Digital Print in frame - R. Lanuducci

Dreaming in the Desert - Digital Print in frame - R. Lanuducci


Price is for pick-up shipping can be paid for and arranged through the gallery or through a private art handler.

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