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fooLPRoof contemporary art

3240 Larimer Street
Denver, CO 80205

Summer Hours: Wed 12-4 / Thurs 4-8 / Fri 12-4 and 6-9 / Sat 12-4 Winter Hours: Wed. 12-4 / Thurs 12-4 / Fri 12-5 / Sat 12-4

Always open by appointment

Tel. +1 303-641-3472
Email -  curator@foolproofcontemporaryart.com

LOCATION the gallery is next door to the Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery, Dio Mio, Julep and across the street from Improper City. With The Populist and Bar Fausto in the block to the south and Hop Alley just to the North. The winery runs a very successful tasting room during gallery hours. RINO (River North Art District) is known as an art district where art is made..visitors like to see urban art, process and discuss practice.

THE SPACE the gallery is a curated space - exhibition area encompasses the Main and Extension Gallery on 6 week cycles. We feature key works from visual practices of regional, national and international artists - the Main Gallery is an expansive room with high ceilings featuring sculpture, installation and 2-d works. We are in a high traffic art centric and tourist region of Denver.  70-80% of visitors to the gallery are visitors from out of state. It is our mission to expose our visitors to new contemporary works and artists and expose artists to this new and developing sophisticated clientele of urban art and experience art centric visitors from NY, LA, San Francisco, Chicago.  Our neighborhood compares to a SoHo - Brooklyn - a loft and warehouse area. We welcomes our new arrivals to the neighborhood and Denver.

Lonely Planet, Time, Vogue, Iconic Life, Road Tripper, Sunset and Luxury Traveler have all touted RINO as one of the top 10 neighborhoods to visit in the US - comparing SoHo and Tribeca to RINO - we are a gentrifying warehouse district immediately north of Downtown Denver with an extensive array of breweries, wineries, boutiques and small chef run restaurants.  Pick up one of our postcards at Visit Denver, check us out on Facebook,  Sculpture Magazine and the RINO Crow.  Exhibition receptions occur every First Friday events concurrent with the RINO CROW publication.

MISSION - fooLPRoof's mission is to provide high end, high visibility and high traffic exhibition opportunities for our artists. Exposing artists to a new and developing National audience with curated feature presentations. We are an alternative to traditional commercial galleries or co-op art spaces providing gallery goers and artists access to Denver's most prolific and cutting edge artists situated in a popular neighborhood with an art centric demographic. We are committed to high end visual experiences for buyers and artists alike - hang out - or exhibit in our prime location. 

We currently are featuring artists in the permanent collection of the Denver Art Museum, Kirkland Museum, the grandson of cutting edge artist Jack Bilbo, 4 Art Department Heads and 3 University professionals, Well known local artists, early, mid and late-career artists as well as emerging artists.  Our focus is to provide clients access to a stable of artists to purchase works from the gallery but, to also consider our art consulting and fabrication capabilities to help our clients with custom and site-specific works in the commercial and residential sectors. In the event we don't have what you are looking for, we will assist you in acquiring exactly what you need. Our consultation services are available to clients and artists to furnish their homes, offices and commercial spaces as well develop new works and modify exhibited works to meet our client’s needs and scale. We are a full service art consulting firm utilizing our top notch exhibition space as a showroom.. Customer service is our priority as we pride ourselves in our ability to go above and beyond to meet our client’s needs.

GALLERY TYPE - fooLPRoof  contemporary art gallery is a curated gallery. We have a Represented Artist Space flanking the Main Gallery.  The Gallery Director has an open mind in her contemporary curatorial approach utilizing forward thinking, conceptual, dimensional and problem solving processes for exhibitions. In addition to straightforward 2d and 3d works, she considers and includes works of conceptual nature as well as installation works.

We are a contemporary gallery with works in all price points, all skill levels and all mediums.

WE LOVE WHAT WE DO and we are committed to supporting artists - developing career trajectories and introducing them to commercial clients outside the gallery. We cater to Denver's newest art crowd - providing quality contemporary art for your home and business in every price point, every medium from professional artists in every skill level.



fooLPRoof contemporary art is one of Denver's top contemporary art spaces. Situated in the trendy Upper Larimer area on the edge of RINO art district.  Most experience the district on foot or by ride sharing to visit unique businesses, take in the warehouse architecture.  The gallery is right in the heart of a trend setting demographic that can not be matched by other Denver galleries.

CALL FOR APPLICATIONS - Currently the gallery is selecting artists interested in gallery representation. Artists begin with a one or two exhibition trail period. The rotation is on 6 week cycles - applications are on a rolling basis - Applying artists are considered for Main Gallery “positions” . Pop-up demonstrations and events require an application or proposal in conjunction with exhibition proposal. 

Please submit you application and application fee in the Prospectus section. The Prospectus contains the outline of required documents and attachments required for a successful application. All applications and proposals are considered - through a detailed review that may include questions/answers However one exception - the gallery does not review traditional representational work - Each artist accepted receives what the gallery identifies as a “feature solo exhibition position.” Each feature exhibition spot is 6 - 8 weeks.  The gallery curates work in to cohesive exhibitions - offering high end exhibition opportunities - If accepted, artists are considered for representation on a trial basis. Being apart of the alternative gallery model requires a desire to be apart of a community of artists and a commitment to the space. Artists are required to consider not only the best practices for the gallery and fellow exhibiting artists but, potential for scaling work up or for custom commercial or unique residential applications - through exhibition opportunities the gallery vets artists for ongoing opportunities and project considerations.

A $35 application fee supports the time to review and vet high quality, professional and dedicated contemporary artists. Application process may include a portfolio and CV review with feedback directed to bring documents to a MLA standard. Consider having your CV in the proper MLA format.  References and/or background checks may be required.

fooLPRoof contemporary art gallery identifies itself as a hybrid of a traditional commercial gallery and co-op space. The gallery model cuts the cost of dealing with a traditional commercial gallery - by offering high end exhibition slots and a commission structure at a fraction of costs of traditional commercial gallery commissions, co-op commitments, and the independent self advertising and exhibition fees associated with self representation. No more tedious meetings - at fooLPRoof when artists gather it is for a party - no sitting, ad costs or meetings required

fooLPRoof contemporary art gallery has a new approach to a gallery business model. The Main Gallery space, offers amazing exhibition spaces for feature solo presentations. The business model can ten x the exposure for artists from a co-op model (in which funds to exhibit are collected in a dues format to procure a two/three week exhibition slot, with sitting and advertising requirements) - Skipping the high commissions and co-op meetings - fooLPRoof has distilled it down to a high end presentation for each artist in a curated setting with up to 30 artists per exhibition cycle - one exhibition cycle creates a 6 week exposure for accepted artists. To accomplish this - the gallery asks exhibitors to assume a small portion of the risk that revolves around the question of whether their work will sell. Providing emerging and less established artists increased exposure and opportunities for their emerging and established practices. 

The reduced commission structure creates an opportunity for - Artists of all kinds including artists represented by other galleries. Artists may apply individually or apply through their gallery for single cycle feature exhibition opportunities. Once accepted, gallery represented artists may desire to bring specific works from fairs such as Art Basel or to just expose themselves to the Denver market or RINO art district 

Artists please make sure you have all the required information together when submitting an application. The Gallery Director WILL NOT VISIT WEBSITES TO SELECT WORK