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Currently the gallery is scheduling - for the front MAIN GALLERY shared space and the rear Extension GALLERY. The application is rolling. When accepted artists have the opportunity to exhibit continuously with approved work in various positions in the two galleries as cycles turn over. Works must be curated in to ensure a high quality commercial space.

Each feature exhibition slot lasts 6 weeks

Art centric pop-ups last 1 -3 day/nights - RINO is know as an art district where art is demos add to the excitement.

The gallery is a curated space with 6 week exhibition cycles featuring key works from visual practices in a solo feature format with name. The Gallery is best suited to large scale works. Our clientele are urban sophisticates and art centric visitors from NY, LA, SF, Nashville and Chicago.

Lonely Planet, Time, Vogue and Luxury Traveler have all touted RINO as one of the top 10 neighborhoods to visit in the US - SoHo and Tribeca are compared to RINO. We are a gentrifying warehouse district immediately north of Downtown Denver with an extensive array of breweries, wineries and small chef run restaurants. The gallery is next door to the Infinite Monkey Theorem Winery who run a very successful tasting room during gallery hours.


PROSPECTUS and Application Cost

PROSPECTUS and Application Cost


Application requirements and general information are listed below. Please submit your $35 application fee and email the required documents. Thank you

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fooLPRoof contemporary art gallery is a high-end commercial gallery that is a hybrid of a commercial and co-op space.  The business model is designed to address rising rent costs in the urban core and give artists more control of their sales process and exposure at a low commission rate.  We are looking for artists interested in being a part of our vibrant community on a rolling basis with artists in skill levels ranging from being in major museum collections and acting as art department heads to early career and mid-career as well as emerging.  We are a contemporary gallery and consider all media within contemporary and conceptual parameters. We will not consider traditional representational works. We are a professional gallery with rigorous application and curation criteria.  We expect our artists to be engaged and committed to their practices and the space.  Our Gallery Director is a sculptor with a visual and sales management background which she combines with unique problem-solving skills for complex works, specialty installation, non-traditional display techniques, sculpture and large-scale public works. The gallery exhibition space is one aspect to being curated into to fooLPRoof, as we are a full service art consulting firm with a focus on large scale commercial projects and custom work for both residential and commercial design and private clients. Each artist’s commitment to their practice and the space, and willingness to become a part of the longer term conversations available to artists, plays a key role in developing a successful relationship with the gallery and the hybrid business model.


fooLPRoof Contemporary Art is an art gallery engaged in the business of transacting sales of works of art, and decorative art items, handmade jewelry, and fine jewelry consumer goods directed to household consumers, retail, commercial designers, architects and hotel or office uses. Although not a non-profit, the gallery’s mission is for the support of artists and to introduce them to an alternative to traditional commercial gallery representation and cooperative gallery commitments – at a fraction of the cost of the commissions in traditional commercial spaces and a fraction of the costs of a cooperative space that increase the exposure time while eliminating the meeting component of those spaces.  Tired of 50% commissions or self-representation costs and commitments? – We offer you an alternative.    

LOCATION The gallery is located in the City and County of Denver, Colorado in a high traffic tourist destination location in the heart of one of the United States’ most popular art districts RINO an acronym for the River North Art District, located in a gentrified warehouse district directly north of downtown. RINO has been compared to SoHo and Tribeca and is known for its emphasis on creatives, chef inspired restaurants, breweries and distilleries.  The district residents are primarily new to Denver. The tourists are international and national - predominately from major cities.  The gallery is in a 1930s warehouse building.

ADVERTISING AND GENERAL COSTS The gallery dedicates extensive time, labor and costs to the support of its exhibiting artists, maintaining and providing the location, creating events, print advertising, print postcards, advertising the exhibitions and artists, maintaining social media and web presence for each accepted artist.  Production of social events and maintaining the calendar to coincide with the art district as well as management of the space and sales team are a primary focus. The gallery coaches its emerging artists to position themselves for conversations with designers and architects – For our established artists we discusses transformation and variation of works to take to the large commercial spaces and the public sector re-considering works in large scale and designing marketing approaches to introduce artists to local designers and architects.

COMMUNITY The gallery model is designed to be a community and a place where exhibitors are encouraged to participate in the growth of the gallery and utilize the location to expand their career trajectory. Care should be taken while exhibiting to identify ways to support fellow exhibitors and the gallery business model. The Gallery and Gallery Director are facilitators encouraging success, future relationships and sales through the exhibition opportunities they are providing. Although exhibitors have more freedom than in a traditional commercial gallery model - “self representation” components to a visual practice should be discussed with the gallery director to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

 EXHIBITION DESCRIPTION The cycles are 6 weeks (with time before and after depending on pick up and drop off.)  The gallery is to some degree best suited for large scale work but, has spots for small to mid-size work as well. It is designed to provide strong solo type visual representation to each artist and their accepted work(s). It is shared space which is a new take on a gallery business model adopting components of high-end commercial gallery and co-op gallery approaches - the model is designed to address the high overhead cost of occupying space in a vigorous market and to create greater involvement and opportunity for artists within the Denver Market.  It is a rigorously curated space - so accepted artists' work needs to meet gallery criteria and be fitted into the 6-week exhibition cycles to create dynamic exhibitions - that are professional and not cluttered.

Approved artists work must be approved. Visual practice objectives and upcoming applications to juried shows, memberships to cooperative spaces, art fairs must be included in the application.  The Gallery Director recommends a second additional cycle and will consider the artist in the same position (use of the same spot.)


1.      We prefer you consider a location within the gallery to propose for but, the gallery director may shift your proposal to an appropriate location. The gallery will assist emerging artists and general applications with selecting a location based on artist’s goals, curation objectives and scale of work. 

2.      We ask that you please submit an Artist Statement of 1 paragraph to 1 page, a 1 paragraph Bio that states accolades, and a copy of your Professional artist CV (it is assumed emerging artists may need coaching in this area,) with up to 6 images of your best work (if not applying on café coming soon) please include a supporting word document with Titles, Prices and most importantly Dimensions via email to 

3.      Your application fee to be juried in to the gallery, includes review of all the documents and information submitted and feedback to bring any of that information up to a professional and concise format or dialogue about questions the gallery director may have - if and while your work is being considered.

4.      The website allows you to pay your application fee through PayPal. Questions should be directed to:

5.      The Gallery Director will not review your website, your proposal and/or application will be considered solely on your tendered material and work images submitted.


There are essentially two choices to apply for exhibition of 2-d and 3-d art - the Extension Gallery and the Main Gallery - work proposed for the Extension Gallery - must be under $1500 - like the Main Gallery it has a shared space "rental" amount allocated to each solo type positions in the gallery - commission is 20%.

Your Proposal / Application should discuss what area you want us to consider - the Gallery Director will advise you which area your work is either best suited for.  Your proposal should exclude the main gallery if you are interested in a commission only.


ARTIST POP-UP DEMOS - If it is a pop-up submission it should identify that. Pop-up/Demo/Workshops proposals - may apply. All artists will be considered including performing art, film and musicians for a specific duration of one time up to 3 three consecutive days during normal business hours.

MEETING Rentals - for a meeting rental application the artist statement is replaced by your organization info, meeting purpose and specific information.

ART RELATED BUSINESS POP-UPS i.e. wineries, fashion…should discuss businesses status, type of business, years in business, license status, product, how the product is desired to be presented and additional advertising interested such as banner or billboard.

DISPLAY CASE RENTAL artists with small works or jewelry – or small installation projects - may apply for scheduled for a 6 -week exhibition slot or as a pop-up for use of the entire case for jewelry and small works artists. Claims as to gem quality or metal purity will not be displayed unless supported by outside independent appraiser.

PERKS Each accepted artist has access to propose pop-up presentations/demos during prime times, front end community facing studio projects during business hours that do not interfere with exhibits and that create a buzz (preferably that you invite people to watch or participate) and the benefit of the advertising, social media, postcards, etc. the gallery spends considerable time and funds on. The advertising is designed to cover the gallery and may or may not mention each artist specifically.  The gallery produces a seasonal postcard with exhibiting artists names.  The gallery produces an “event” First Fridays in conjunction with the effort the art district puts forth instead of opening receptions.  These events draw 100-150 people organically even without advertising. Exhibitors wanting long term representation should gear their activities towards the support of the gallery and fellow exhibitors as exhibitors are vetted for a “Represented” status in which even when not exhibiting artists remain apart of the conversation and commercial client sales calls - they may also drop small works for Rinomade to cycle in and out.   

The gallery provides professional sales and marketing consultations designed to achieve Professional Growth and gallery objectives: The gallery will discuss scaling your work up and marketing to designers and architects. 

WHAT WE WANT The gallery is interested in artists who are interested in advancing their practices, reducing commission costs, promoting their work and being involved in their own success at a higher level than traditional commercial galleries but, not as involved as co-op galleries. Each artist has a responsibility to not only their own success but also the gallery’s. Vested interest in the success of the space is communicated through the tenant artist model with a rental agreement for the duration of the 6-week cycle their work is accepted to.  Each artist is asked to provide a crating and shipping estimate through NAVIS (to one or the other coasts) prior, at or before delivery of work, so no opportunity is lost over not knowing shipping costs. 

BUSINESS MODEL EXPECTATIONS Artists are not represented in a traditional sense under exclusivity agreements but, are asked to be respectful and supportive of the gallery on social media and discuss how to direct energy to the gallery while exhibiting elsewhere to maintain a consistent forward facing professional persona for both the artists practice and the gallery. The gallery’s commitment to artists includes a commitment of time, money and time spent marketing exhibitions - Artists are a part of a community that includes being respectful of everyone’s efforts and fellow artist's successes.  To be supportive of the space and its success artists’ works exhibited are subject to the gallery commission for 60 days post exhibition of work. Artists are expected to participate in social media posts made by the gallery and support other exhibiting artists on social media. Each exhibition has community support to develop relationships and opportunities. Directing energy away from the gallery into studio events and miscellaneous exhibitions without a plan to support the gallery and fellow exhibitors is strongly discouraged - if in doubt ask what constitutes a best practice.

CREATIVE LICENSING / ENCUMBRANCES Tenant/Artist submitting represent that they are solely and individually entitled to enter into an agreement, are 18 years of age. Own, have personally produced and have the creative licensing authority to represent and place for sale the work(s) submitted for sale within the Gallery. Artists agree that they are the true and lawful owner(s) of all items they represent and transact as for sale, have obtained said items by lawful means, solely have the legal right to authorize sale of said items, the items are free and clear of any and rights, all liens, or other encumbrances.  Applying Tenant/Artist further agrees to hold harmless and indemnify fooLPRoof Contemporary Art, its owners, managers, agents, employees and other artists in the Gallery harmless and free from any liability and or responsibility under any circumstance and/or by misrepresenting the above, including but not limited to all demands, claims, suits, judgments, or other liability asserted by or awarded any person or entity arising by reason of Artist’s actions, ownership, possession and/or sale of any or all items. 

GALLERIES APPLYING FOR REPRESENTED ARTISTS - fooLPRoof contemporary art welcomes artists currently represented by a gallery to discuss the space and exhibition opportunities with their gallery. Galleries themselves may apply for additional exposure to the Denver market or high end tourist traffic the gallery receives. At the 20% commission this leaves ample room to work with their artists. Main Gallery Locations only. The commission structure of 20% to fooLPRoof will be followed. fooLPRoof is aware traditional gallery contracts are 50% leaving 30% to the applying gallery - artist contract will be requested upon acceptance..

INSURANCE the gallery does not provide liability or damage/loss insurance for your work(s) in the gallery or gallery activities. As part of the shared space concept to maintain a cost-effective operating budget that make exhibiting possible, each exhibitor should add their work to their schedule on their studio insurance. There are many companies that cater to artists for studio insurance and short-term exhibitions – IFA Insurance for artists, Art Insurance Now, CERF, ACT, etc. – for a detailed explanation visit the article: Professional Artist Insure Your Artwork and Studio - at Professional Artist Magazine.

We are looking forward to your proposal or application.